Books on Depression

Are you looking for some good books on depression? Good doctors and medicines can heal the body and mind—inspirational books can heal the heart and soul. Here are some favorite, inspirational books on depression. It is our hope that these words will bring you the resources and the encouragement you need to move forward!

Inspirational Books on Depression

The Depression Cure by Stephen S. Ilardi, PhD – FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “Dr. Ilardi prescribes an easy-to-follow, clinically proven program that harks back to what our bodies were originally made for and what they continue to need. The Depression Cure program has already delivered dramatic results, helping even those who have failed to respond to traditional medications.”


The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck – FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “Confronting and solving problems is a painful process, which most of us attempt to voice. And the very avoidance results in greater pain and an inability to grow both mentally and spiritually.” In this book, Dr. M. Scott Peck, offers insightful ways to confront our deepest challenges and grow in remarkable ways.


The Seven Paths by Anasazi Foundation – FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “This poetic, evocative story presents the meditations of an ancient Anasazi tribesman who rejects his family and sets off on a journey through the desert. He walks seven paths, each teaching a lesson symbolized by an element of the natural world: light, wind, water, stone, plants, animals, and, finally, the unity of all beings with the Creator. The Seven Paths reveals a source of wisdom, restoration, and renewal familiar to native people but lost to the rest of us, seven elements among nature that combine to mend human hearts.”


Your Life Isn’t for You by Seth Adam Smith – Written by our website’s founder, this book lays out a philosophy of living for others. FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “With a mix of humor, candor, and compassion, he reveals how, years before his marriage, his self-obsession led to a downward spiral of addiction and depression, culminating in a suicide attempt at the age of twenty. Reflecting on the love and support he experienced in the aftermath, as well as on the lessons he learned from a difficult missionary stint in Russia, his time as a youth leader in the Arizona desert, his marriage, and even a story his father read to him as a child, he shares his deep conviction that the only way you can find your life is to give it away to others. Your Life Isn’t For You was recently named the Gold Medalist for Inspirational Memoir in the 2015 Living Now Book Awards!”

Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig – FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “Everyone’s lives are touched by mental illness: if we do not suffer from it ourselves, then we have a friend or loved one who does. Matt’s frankness about his experiences is both inspiring to those who feel daunted by depression and illuminating to those who are mystified by it. Above all, his humor and encouragement never let us lose sight of hope.”


The Alchemist by Paul Cohelo – FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago’s journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life’s path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.”


Rip Van Winkle and the Pumpkin Lantern by Seth Adam Smith – A fictional story written as a fable about overcoming depression. FROM THE BOOK DESCRIPTION: “From the bestselling, award-winning author Seth Adam Smith comes The Pumpkin Lantern–a fantasy novel influenced by the writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lloyd Alexander, and C. S. Lewis. Loaded with humor, action, suspense, and fascinating American history, The Pumpkin Lantern is also a poignant fable about faith, family, and the power of life over death.”