Welcome to Forward Walking, a website dedicated to helping people conquer their own personal mountains and move forward in life. Every week, we publish tools, steps, and resources to overcome obstacles such as addiction, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Steps to fight depression.

Stepping forward.

The name of this blog comes from The Seven Paths, a book by the ANASAZI Foundation. As explained in the Foreword by Good Buffalo Eagle, “life is a walking, a journey,” and as such, “there are two ways to walk” upon the earth. “[W]e can choose to walk forward or we can choose to walk backward.”

Forward Walking choices are rewarded with consequences that light the way to peace, happiness, joy, comfort, knowledge, and wisdom. Backward Walking choices bring to the Two-Legged beings consequences of misery, despair, and darkness” (The Seven Paths, xi).

As we journey through life, we will inevitably make mistakes, feel lost, and experience feelings of depression and low self-worth. Whenever we make a mistake or experience disappointment, we must remember that this life is a walking. The quickest way to right ourselves is to take steps forward. The purpose of this website is to provide resources and tools that help you take those steps forward. May this blog help you in your Forward Walking.

– Seth Adam Smith, founder and editor-in-chief of ForwardWalking.com

While not an official branch of the ANASAZI Foundation, ForwardWalking.com strongly supports the mission of ANASAZI which is “to help parents and children turn their hearts to one another, begin anew, and walk in harmony in the wilderness of the world.”