About Us

Welcome to ForwardWalking.com, a website dedicated to helping anyone who struggles with depression or suicidal thoughts/feelings. FYI: Numerous studies show that nearly EVERYONE struggles, at some point, with depression. You’re not alone and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

The Journey of Life

Here at Forward Walking, we believe that life is one grand journey—a walking through the wilderness of the world. We have come here to learn and grow from our experiences and to use those experiences to find our way “home.”

Our metaphorical journey through life will take us through dark canyons, up and over difficult mountains, and across troubled waters. As such, we will inevitably feel lost, discouraged, exhausted, and even depressed. But take heart, there is hope and there is help. You can do this and we can help.

Each week, we will publish new articles, videos, and resources to help you (or someone you know) move forward and conquer your obstacles—one step at a time. That is our mission and our cause, to help you with your Forward Walking.

If you’re new here, please be sure to check out our videos, books, and other resources! We look forward to forward walking with you.

– Seth Adam Smith, Editor-In-Chief of ForwardWalking.com