How Will God Interview Parents?

How Will God Interview Parents?

How will God interview parents? Will He judge them based on how they raised their children? Or will He judge them based on how many of those children made it back to Him on the straight and narrow path? Nathan Mitchell, the Clinical Director of the ANASAZI Foundation, gives a surprising answer!

How Will God Interview Parents?

Nathan Mitchell, Clinical Director of Anasazi Foundation, gave this answer:

“A lot of times, when I’m talking to parents, I ask them to consider this interview that we all imagine that we’ll have with God at the end of our lives. Because, as a parent, sometimes I fall into that trap of thinking that that interview with God is going to have on that ‘Did your kids all go to Church? Did they stay on the straight and narrow path? Did they not do drugs? Did all, you know, follow that pattern?’ I don’t think He’s going to ask: ‘What did you do with these children that I gave you? How many of them did you bring back?’

“I think the question that He’s going to ask is ‘Did you learn to love them? Because that’s why I put them with you. That’s why I put that person in your life—in a very specific way—so that you could learn to love the way that I love.’

“And to me, that concept changes everything. Then I don’t have to be the one to make sure that this person never does drugs. It’s certainly my hope and I’ll certainly do everything that I can, but if anything becomes more important than my relationship, than my love with that person, then I know I’ve got it upside down. Even if that thing that becomes more important is a righteous thing. If it becomes more important than that connection then I might fail the interview.”

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