EXCLUSIVE Interview Kweku Mandela

EXCLUSIVE Interview Kweku Mandela

In January, ForwardWalking.com had the amazing opportunity to interview Kweku Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela.

In this video, Kweku talks about his involvement with the film Beyond Right and Wrong, and shares some insight as to how his grandfather was able to inspire peace and forgiveness in South Africa.

Beyond Right & Wrong follows victims of three devastating conflicts—the Rwandan Genocide, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and the Troubles in Northern Ireland—as they struggle to forgive without sacrificing their need for justice. This film’s message is a vital part of the growing conversation around justice, reconciliation, and forgiveness between individuals, communities, and nations.

You can watch Beyond Right & Wrong FOR FREE by clicking on this link.

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  • It is nice to hear a man make a statement that we all sometimes jump to conclusions. I know that I do this (I only hope it is ‘sometimes’ and not what defines me) but a lot of times us women get the lion’s share in this mindset. So, it’s nice to hear from a guy’s lips that we all are guilty of this.

    And his comment about reflection was a great reminder for me.

    Great video. : )

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