What Would You Write About?

I am a writer.  Not because I’m published, not because I have blogged for 6+ years, not because I have written in some kinds of journal since I was 9 years old. I’m a writer because I was born a writer. Because I’m passionate about it!

As a writer I often end up talking to people about writing. When I tell them I’m writing a book they usually say something along the lines of, “I have always wanted to write a book…or I have some great ideas for a book.” It never fails. I LOVE it!

I believe in the power of writing. I believe in venting through the written word (not always for the public to read). I believe that you learn a lot about yourself, your beliefs, and how you process things, through writing.

I also believe in the incredible power of writing things down in order to make them happen. Write down your dreams, goals, expectations, etc. Read them, share them, breathe life into them. It is amazing the difference that happens when the words are written down rather than swimming around in your mind.

If you aren’t a natural writer there are so many resources to help you write line upon line. Here are a few of the sources I found  helpful.

To get you started on daily journal writing via email try : OhLife

If  you have been dying to write a novel try the above National Novel Writing Month that is happening this month!

Melissa Donavon, wrote a post about journal writing resources on her blog  Writing Forward. Here are a few of her suggestions:

  1. Journaling Saves has tons of great posts about journaling, and many are written in a reflective journaling style. The community there is friendly (and I love the site’s colors and design).
  2. Having trouble with your creativity? Suffering from a writer’s block? Wreck This Journal will free you from the chains of inhibition and perfection.
  3. Managed by a team of journal guides, Journal in a Box features a blog about journaling, home courses on journaling, and a line of journals that you can buy.
  4. Not sold on journal writing? Here are 100 Benefits of Journaling.
  5. I love this: 1000 Journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world.
  6. Here at Writing Forward, we’ve talked a lot about writing groups, but did you know there are also journal groups? (I didn’t!)

There are so many other kinds of writing prompts, resources, books, etc that can help you with your desire to write or ease you into a regular writing habit.

I have always believed that good writers know they need to be good readers. One of my favorite books about writing is called, “On Writing” by Steven King. In his book he talks about the idea of writing from what you know.

So what would you write about?

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