Ways to Fight Depression

9 Ways to Fight Depression (and Win!)

Want to know how to fight depression? As someone who regularly struggles with chronic depression, I’ve learned how very difficult it can be to move forward. Over the years, I’ve developed a number of ways that help me actively fight my own depression. Listed below are nine of those techniques. If you are struggling with depression,… Read more »


Best Day of My Life

Remember when the best days of your life were filled with simple things–when things like catching a butterfly, chasing a lightning bug, being hugged or tickled by someone you loved, reading a good book, running through the sprinklers, or having a water gun fight were the center of your universe? Whatever your childhood looked like,… Read more »

Wasn't Prepared for Motherhood

I Wasn’t Prepared For Motherhood

I wasn’t prepared to become a mother when my son was born just six short months ago. But I didn’t know it at the time. After all, I had the crib and clothes and boxes and boxes of diapers. I had taken birthing classes and child development courses and had done my share of babysitting…. Read more »

Anticipatory Grief

My Experience with Anticipatory Grief

5 years ago, my sweetheart and I embarked on the great adventure of marriage. We planned our family, and have stuck to the plan. We now have two awesome boys, and the daily experiences that come with raising children. And as we prepared for our third child, we were even more excited. We were told… Read more »